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Kaw Thaung Guide

Coral Fish

Myanmar, one of the most beautiful countrie in south-east Asia, is well-known for many ancient and famous pagodas as well as other interesting places. They include misty mountains, sandy unspoilt beaches, summer resorts and scenic coastlines. Thousands of tourists throng into Myanmar every year to visit these places. Although I live in Myanmar and have been a lot of interesting places in my country.

The place I would like to loving in Myanmar is none other than Kawthaung Township of Tanintharyi Costal Area in Southern Part Myanmar. Myanmar is situated on mainland Southeast Asia and it has a coastline of about 2832 km long with a large number of estuaries, rivers,creeks and islands. Tanintharyi Coastal area lies in southern Myanmar between Gulf of Mottama and up to the mouth of Pakchan River including Myeik Archipelago stretches from Mali Isandto SimilandIsland consisting of about 800 Islands.

Kawthaung is located about latitude 9°58'N- longitude 96° 27'E at the mouth of Kyan River on the Malay Peninsula. To its east is the Thai border town of Ranong. To its west, and south-west, the Andaman Sea opens up to the Indian Ocean and Bokepyin Township is located to the north. Most of the terrain in the area is mountainous. It now covers an area about of 1041.99 kilometres, populated by about 165,481. The type of climate is tropical monsoon climate. Temperatures are hot throughout the year. There is a winter dry season (December-March) and a summer wet season (April-November). Torrential rain falls from May to September, with over 500 millimetres (20 in) falling in each month.

Bayint Naung King Hill

The majority of Kawthaung's population is made up of Bamar, Thai and other ethnic minorities such as the Shan, Karen, and Mon. Some Thai Muslims, alongside the Salone Sea Gypsies and Malays can also be found in Kawthaung. Burmese Chinese and Burmese Indians, who migrated to Kawthaung during colonial rule for tin mining and other industries also inhabit Kawthaung. Peranakan or Straits Chinese, called Pashu by the Burmese, can also be found in Kawthaung. Most of the Bamar, Thai, Shan, Karen, Mon, Burmese Chinese and some portions of the Salone adhere to Theravada Buddhism. The Malays and Thai Muslims practice Islam. The main agriculture products are rubber, betel nut, cashew nut, coconut and oil palm.


Morken Nation

Morken Nation Boats

Kawthaung holds attractions in its own special way because there are a wide range of interesting places there. The Pyitawaye Pagoda, the Arnandar Pagoda, the Aungtawmu Pagoda are some of famous pagodas in Kawthaung. On the other hand, Bayint Naung King Hill, Vicotria View Point, Grand Andaman Island (tahtay kyun), Palonetontone Bridge, Maliwon waterfall and Aungtapyae Hotspring are famous in this township. It is the essence of Kawthaung and a place that never fails to enchant. The visitors like to go shopping at the well-known Myoma Market. In this year, most of the people are coming to visit famous Islands near of Kawthaung Township. They are Cock’s comb island, 115 island, Nyaungoophee island, Khayingwa island(Macleod Island), Lampi Marine National Park, Ma Kyone Galet and Shark island where is crystal water and worth to snorkel to see many colorful school of fishes, hard and soft corals. They are biggest and the most popular tourist’s sites in Mergui Archipelago. Some visited there frequently, for there is so much to see and so much learn. Visitors can enjoy peace and tranquility as well as view nature at its best. For the reasons mentioned above, I am proud of being a Kawthaungnite and I like my hometown very much. 

Pyitawaye Pagoda

Arnandar Pagoda


Victoria Point

Maliwon Waterfall

Maliwon waterfall Nearby Kawthaung Township has a small waterfall and hot spring at Maliwan village 24 miles north from the town.

AungThaPyae Hot Spring

Lampi Mangrove Forest

Lampi Marine National Park

115 Island

115 island
115 Island is about 38 nautical miles away from Kawthuang. 115 is a group of islands where is crystal water and worth to snorkel to see many colorful school of fishes, hard and soft corals. It is fantastic one of the finest islands to spend time on hiking and jungle trekking through the rain forest. you'll find here are the very definition of pristine very white and powder sand beaches.It’s no wonder visitors come from all around to sink their toes into miles of pure white sand.

115 Island

115 Island

115 Island

Kha Yin Gwa Island

Kha Yin Gwa Island (Macleod Island) is located at Latitude 10’ 10” and longitude 97’ 56” and about 40 nautical miles away from Kawthaung (Victoria Point). There is Myanmar Andaman Resort is the only man-made construction on the island. The cottages and suites within the resort are scattered amongst the forest, just meters away from the beach.


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